Withnail & I Cast and Credits

Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths and Richard E Grant on set

After reading interviews from the cast, one gets the impression that simply being part of Withnail and I must be constant source of irritation and delight in equal measures.

In the brilliant book Smoking in Bed: Conversations with Bruce Robinson (a collection of nine conversations between editor Alistair Owen & Bruce Robinson about his most famous projects), Robinson describes his relationship with Withnail fanatics with bemusement - especially having to put up a bunch of intoxicated and irritating Withnail-wannabes dying to share a Camberwell Carrot with the author.

Paul McGann has talked about getting recognised in Toronto and Richard Griffiths being confused for being gay in real life.

It is rumoured that Grant and McGann didn’t get on particularly well on set – one particular incident when McGann scratched the Jag alledgedly resulted in Grant slamming the door and saying "I’m not working with that drunken fuck”.  “Didn’t bother me” says Robinson.  “I was drunk too.”

Writer and Director: Bruce Robinson
Withnail: Richard E. Grant -
Marwood (I): Paul McGann
Monty: Richard Griffiths
Danny: Ralph Brown
Jake: Michael Elphick
Wanker: Daragh O'Malley
Isaac Parkin: Michael Wardle
Mrs. Parkin: Una Brandon-Jones
General: Noel Johnson
Miss Blenehassit: Irene Sutcliffe
Tea Shop Proprietor: Llewellyn Rees
Policeman 1: Robert Oates
Policeman 2: Anthony Wise
Presuming Ed: Eddie Tagoe